Gluten Free Secrets: Best Breads

I’ve spent the last five years perfecting different GF baked goods, breads, desserts and treats and highly recommend the book Gluten Free French Desserts & Baked Goods when you are ready to do more of your own baking.

For basic bread options you may want to consider:
UDI’s has a storebought GF bread in a few types (white/multigrain) that works well for french toast and sandwiches

Sensitive Baker/ offers a tremendously good foccacia that works well as a base for many dishes – their crusty french rolls are ok but may be able to do better inhouse.

For other sandwich rolls & pizza crust options our other favorite is Sami’s Bakery:

The one tip I’ve learned from years of baking GF is that the breads that use tapioca & potato tend to be more soft and bread-like than the rice-based loaves, which tend to be too dense and mealy for anything but hard toast.

Enjoy & stay healthy!

3 thoughts on “Gluten Free Secrets: Best Breads

  1. This is great information!!! Thank you for sharing your years of experience with all of us! I’d like to post this on our new forum if you don’t mind.

    1. Please feel free to use whatever information is useful with attribution to Evonne @amoration is fine. Thanks! You should try my scones and other baked treats, I have a ton of recipes developed.


      ~Evonne Heyning~ @amoration Interactive Producer, Social Games ……………………………………

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