Adventures in Entrepreneurship

Over the last 20 years I have worked with hundreds of nonprofits, social ventures, public sector institutions and businesses to maximize collaborative potential. I create the framework, set the stage and help everyone to listen and create together effectively. Some of the businesses I have cofounded include:

Grow Games Interactive

Over the last few years I have been working with Nick Heyming and the team at Grow Games to build an employee-owned game company that focuses on social action, real time data and healthy ecosystems. Together we are building games to grow food and we invite you to join us as we launch our crowdfunding!

Visit us at and visit GrowGames for more information on our approach to games and data to solve current issues across our communities. We play together to accomplish great things, and we invite you to play along now.

Seeds the Game is the first social action game series in development at Grow Games. Our mobile play is designed to get people out taking on challenges in food and community, sharing vital resources and knowledge through social play. I serve as chair of the board and executive producer for the game series.


Our team at EDDEFY galvanized around lifelong learning for all and a desire to help everyone navigate learning, experience and educational systems. We saw a vast sea of content with no context and began by creating organizational systems and research into how we learn. We are building a learning technology venture and invite you to join us as a field expert or staff member – we are also meeting with aligned clients in skillbuilding, adult education, DIY maker culture, media and accelerating knowledge sharing at work.

Toyshoppe Systems

Design and development of high tech special effects with Brent Heyning and a team of brilliant fabricator artists. Brent has completed projects this year for TRON, Dark Knight Rises, robots and spaceships for many blockbuster hits along with new invention R&D in the media and cleantech fields.

Advising CoFounder

Yujinko: Storytelling stuffed animals with smart tech inside – plays games, music and stories for kids

GogoCoin: Digital currency gift cards such as bitcoin available in retail stores

Previous Projects

Digital Storytelling Challenge for Techsoup

As Producer for TechSoup I designed and launched three years of the #TSDIGS storytelling challenge for global nonprofits. We grew the challenge tenfold over 2 years and hosted a fun screening party for hundreds in San Francisco with virtual streaming events, webinars and online conversations happening for months. I produced the interactive content and challenge sites with the Online Community & Social Media Team at TechSoup.

The Garment District & WFNX – Providence

Before FNX and Garment District gave up their addresses for the online airwaves, I designed and launched brick and mortar offices and shops for two alternative lifestyle brands in New England. Both businesses migrated from Boston to Providence and hired me for design and marketing to help launch their new ventures. I also hosted at clubs as a regular DJ for tremendous events and continue managing and producing at major music festivals around the world.

House on the Rock – Sighisoara, Romania

As a college intern I moved to Romania to found the first cybercafe and computer education center in the Transylvanian region. Today the facility is now offering classes in video production and is a frequent spot for English/Romanian conversation between the community and tourists.

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