I work with brilliant leaders seeking deep insight to live fully integrated lives of vision, purpose and passion.

As an on-call advisor for your business and personal development I work with you to map out your vision, ask questions, creatively maximize your team’s efficiency – building partnerships and successful strategies with clear communication tools.

Our conversations and discoveries may touch every aspect of your life as we explore health and wellness, relationships and communication gaps, soul inquiry and challenges to your growth, mental and emotional blocks and old patterns ready to be reprogrammed. I work with you to set new habits in motion, bring together your team at the whiteboards to chart out endeavors and break down the production tasks to getting things done effectively. As a trained chaplain and crisis counselor all conversations can be kept confidential.

What are you looking for?

We can measure impact together in many ways: physical health, emotional well-being, sense of flow and purpose in work and greater sense of connection to others. Email me to begin an individual advisory consultation or to initiate advisory on retainer by the month or year.  

For group collaboration and consulting for your business or new venture I work with an amazing team at Be Embodied and Innovation for People, primarily in San Francisco and Los Angeles. To travel to your location please schedule a time to speak on retainer and we can plan an appropriate experience together. I am available for Skype and video consultations along with texts and calls for primary clients.

Tools we may use:

Reflective and nonviolent forms of communication, mirroring and empathetic listening, integral development, relationship connection systems, movement, meditation, yoga, dance, preparing healthy food, teas from many plants, art making and creative practices, whiteboarding and graphic recording, idea mapping and brainstorming, prototyping and making things, deep conversations about your passions, production strategy and appropriate touch and connection with your family.

You can think of me as the friend who can help you see the best in yourself and bring it out with you. This is integrated and guided self-development that is designed to work with you as you strive for your own extraordinary potential.

You will be well cared for in an advisory relationship and we will track our progress together by email and collaborative creativity. Retainer and event options are available by email or phone with in-person time available as schedules allow. In consulting relationships of this nature you will not be asked to deal with a personal assistant.

I am happy to fly to you and work with you where this work is needed most. Contact me directly for answers.

~Evonne @amoration

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