Awareness begins with an open heart. As children we have a desire to see the world; as adults we slowly turn the world off and choose our networks more wisely. A practice of awareness asks for the openness that we have as children to see the world and its pieces without judgment.

At Amoration we have been amazed by the hard work put forth by dozens of organizers around the world. We have worked with many on social networks and social venture campaigns to build new community centers and educational resources.

Eric Garcetti, Alan Silberberg, Christina Gagnier, Jim Gilliam and Heidi Nel discuss the future of social media and government

Some of the partners we have loved working with in the last few years:

Social Media Week

Omidyar Network




How to Live Wiki

Camp Darfur


TechSoup & NetSquared

Catalytic Communities

Better World Island

Second Life

New Media Consortium

The Emancipation Network

Sunflower Childrens Foundation

The Sugar Shack

Tree People

Common Vision

MidCity Neighborhood Council


NED & Five Minute Action Network

Life in Africa

SOLID SaltSpring


Life Home Project

Siam-Care Foundation

Amoration wiki

Amoration Archives Photo Galleries

ManorMeta Machinima


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