MISSION:  Love in every moment

MASSIVE TRANSFORMATIVE PURPOSE: Create realities connecting love and value

VISION: Produce illuminating media, communities and social ventures to grow empathy, awareness, healthy signals and access to opportunities for everyone.

GOALS: Empower collective action. Grow the experience economy. Share exponential love. Make it easier for creatives to produce their best work and share it.

STRATEGIES: Create new events, games, actions and conversations to integrate our best work across fields and sectors. Consult, advise, guide hundreds of new startups. Coach innovation sprints and guide massive change in international organizations. Build associations, cooperative networks and ecosystems.

THEORY OF CHANGE: Immersion changes perspective and interactivity empowers action. Global shifts rapidly skew new systems, rewarding ventures that produce vibrant and meaningful play. Insight and culture become magnets for sharing inspiration. Service across tribes facilitates creative play.

ACTIONS: Make global public media possible that’s deeply immersive, interactive and available for everyone. Work with global change agents to create new communities and interactive opportunities.

Explore the experiences we create together.

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