CoFounder and Director of Social/Strategy for EDDEFY
Technology Inventor and Interactive Transmedia Producer
Live Events, Media Content, Web, Interactive Film, Live Television, Games, Social Media


  • Intersection of Insight and Meaning in Work, Wisdom and Technology
  • Women, Entrepreneurship and Singularity University: Creating Cultures for Change
  • Causebuilding games, social and mobile play for community engagement & impact
  • Virtual World Environments, 3D Immersive Web and Interactive Experience Design for public sector
  • Livestreaming, mixed reality, producing with virtual teams and hosting local/global conversations
  • Social media production, integration for nonprofits, public sector campaigns including aid in crisis
  • Transmedia storytelling element creation: comic book, print, radio, video and machinima production
  • Love and network culture: nuances of relationship networks, trust and reputation systems


Evonne is a deeply engaged founder and streamweaver who enjoys the challenge of live events and interactive production. She has fun working with visionary talent as a transmedia producer and creative facilitator. Over the last decade she has produced films, comic books, machinima videos, campaigns and challenges, television and live interactive web shows, books and radio releases. As a curate and catalyst her creative juice is frequently sought out for innovative endeavors that weave technology and social impact.

Jennifer Evonne grew up as a serious child & quickly skipped grades with skill in art, math and teaching technology to her peers. While loving walks in the woods, she craved constant learning and taught herself to program computers at age 6. She lobbied the Virginia State Legislature for computers in every school before her 7th birthday so she could publish her first book on tree identification. She began publishing and creating large public art and events at age 11 and moved into social change work in her teens.

Evonne demonstrated greatest interest in creating arts experiences and humanitarian aid programs, hosting blood drives, fundraisers and volunteer programs for students in high school and college. After undergraduate studies in Religion, Sociology and Communication Arts with a focus on thriving communities of practice Evonne went to work in Romania as a program development specialist, providing curriculum and support for at-risk youth while creating initiatives that continue to shine over a decade later. In her twenties she produced national radio challenges, games, stores, live shows, theater troupes, art exhibits, film and video projects and now brings all of this together to change the way we participate with educational technology and media to solve big challenges together.

Evonne is a catalyst for innovative international programs in nonprofits, libraries, schools and media companies and serves as a producer and creative consultant to dozens of offices such as TechSoup Global along with founding social enterprise startups Toyshoppe Systems and EDDEFY. She completed Singularity University’s graduate program in 2012 where she met her EDDEFY cofounders and began creating edtech tools for collective intelligence and insight.


AGI and Insight, Artist and sculptor working in reused materials, glass, paint, metal and large scale interactive art with tesla coils and LEDs: leading collaborative art teams for large experience design and production. Evonne is an integral network weaver undertaking liferesearch into love, compassion and collective intelligence to give us all the best tools possible for learning and development. She loves designing games, videos and experiences with clients, weaving in thrivable living models, eco-friendly home design & communities that include growing their own food as part of their daily practice. Evonne likes to bike and usually resides in California. She is dreaming up a game show and you’re one of the stars.


  • Global Resolutions and the #IResolve campaign, 2013-2014 for peacebuilding and conflict resolution
  • SXSW 2009, 2010, 2011: Panels on game design and causebuilding games, intimacy in network culture
  • National Conference on Volunteerism & Service: Workshops on Social Media, Gaming, Interactive Production
  • National Sexual Assault Conference: Panel and workshops on social media integration for campaigns
  • California Association of Nonprofits: Workshops on virtual worlds, 3D production, social media interactivity
  • Presented original talks at SXSWi, IGNITE, BIL, BarCampLA, Gov2.0LA, MindshareLA & sat on panels for DigitalLA, DigitalHollywood
  • Producing events including: SocialGOV for Social Media Week Los Angeles, Gov2.0LA, BarCampLA, AvatarCamp, Wisdom2Conference open unconference at Google 2010-2012

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