It began with a series of dreams, better world scouts and brilliant engineers from around the world began talking in their sleep to one another. They refused to be bound by the physical and chose to grow a new world here on Earth.

A few planted seeds, minerals and crystals together with the knowledge they could impart through growing architectures.Then we said yes….and ManorMeta was born.


For the past three years the Amoration team with Toyshoppe designers and builders have begun constructing a new toolset where collaborative solution-building begins at home, with kids and adults talking together about the world around them. ManorMeta reflects the greatest challenges and joys of our time in a deeply brilliant model that seeks to spotlight as many good works as possible.

We believe in interactive media, collaborative culture, the future of social media as changing the way we shape our world together. Our governments and leaders are listening and waiting to see the solutions we will grow, and the leaders of today are young, vibrant and ready to take on these challenges because they play with these ideas every day with ManorMeta.

Below you will find a greater glimpse into our work worldwide. Enjoy.

~Evonne @amoration

Our Fundamental Approach

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