Global Bridgebuilding is at the heart of every Amoration endeavor as we seek to reach out to bring out our collective best.

In 2012 after camping with the IDEATE community Evonne joined the ReAllocate team to create innovation labs in regions where materials and tools are hard to find. She is currently scripting a new series and live participatory endeavor to teach maker prototyping skills to entrepreneurs worldwide.


As a team of integrated specialists we work with many consulting businesses like Green Gurus to provide educational outreach resources. Evonne speaks at conferences for the nonprofit, public sector and service communities promoting volunteerism, collaboration for community development and cross-sector alliances with focused, measurable outcomes. She advises the Growcology team in Southern California.

Madre Grande has been an ongoing project along with friends at Burners without Borders. In late 2007 after the San Diego fires our teams provided welding, electrical, plumbing and cleanup assistance to a monastery of wisdom tradition teachers.

In 2007 we traveled to Vermont to participate in a 3 day Global Peacetiles Project workshop on sharing conflict resolution and healing models through art and collage in the Peacetiles process. This followed our work with Peacetiles in 2005 including 3 workshops and a 12 day trip to Thailand working with communities affected by HIV to make the PositiveLove short documentary. Together we produced dozens of mural tiles for art projects now living in many countries.

In 2007-2009 we focused on virtual worlds as public outreach tools: Aloft Nonprofit Commons, Second Life and the Public Good Community Challenge and a new environmental community emerging to study new energy systems, conservation and care. Avatar In Kenzo from Amoration created new worlds and communities, working with the USC Network Culture Project researching the public good and philanthropic civic engagement in virtual worlds; serving the Transitions/Place for Dreams project as a social media designer and strategist.

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