International Architecture is Here

Is it possible to be efficient as both a local and global creator?  Virtual vocations create an opportunity for international collaboration that is unparalleled — have we learned to work efficiently together across boundaries?

The architects of today’s International Architecture in Virtual Worlds panel hosted by the US Department of State in Second Life explored both the global and local implications of their shift to Second Life as a tool for professional design and education.  Judy Cockeram, Amr Attia, David Denton and Jon Brouchoud (also known as JudyArx Scribe, Archi Vita, DB Bailey and Keystone Bouchard) took an hour to join participants inSL for a streamed discussion followed by a tour of their key architectural builds.  Students and designers were given time to explore open source 3D design solutions like the Wiki Tree and Studio Wikitecture along with the gorgeous landscape of reimagined Cairo being built with the collaborative design team led by Amr and David.
After years of producing mixed reality events it still astonishes me when we can beam multiple speakers from around the world through space and time to join us in one place.  Synchronous collaboration still has its challenges (try finding one time zone that works for Egypt, New Zealand and the US) but we were able to gather 70 people from over a dozen countries in one place to share a conversation about architecture and international partnerships that may prove fruitful for a burgeoning new industry.
As the 3D web and our collective design desk radically evolves we are wise to make the best use of the tools in front of us, not only the Wiki Tree and for Architectural design community but also the rich global community we share inworld at these panels, conversations and events.  Together we are asking questions, exploring potential, offering perspectives and hopefully opening a few eyes and ears along the way.
I am grateful for the professionals working virtually to share their work with a larger global audience and learn something new from people half a world away.  Their willingness to explore new methods is what gives us a rich landscape to explore and build on together, scripting new doors where none existed before.  Whether we work in architecture or public diplomacy, we  have this amazing time and space to share together and explore what our world could be like if we could take the best of our cultures and bring them together.  The virtual landscape is a dreamlike media where worlds can mingle and merge, much like our real world malls and living spaces where cultures collide, and I am grateful for the builders, creators and trailblazers who are making these worlds worth living in.
Thank you to Any1 Gynoid for this CNN iReport; take a few minutes to see more of the photos and videos shared at this event tagged #intlarchitecture.

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