Consciousness and mindfulness in daily life is both an art and a practice.

As I learn to master new tools I will share them in the blog writing here with you. You are welcome to bring me on as an advisor or creative consultant to help move your team while deeply listening to the creative potential waiting to stream out of you.

My mantra:  Create a Culture of Conscious Compassion. In this inquiry I ask myself what I am aware of in this moment, what new things are arising and how I am responding? Consciousness is an inquiry that starts within but encompasses the whole.

I enjoy collaborating with amazing global and local community endeavors such as:
UIX, Eddefy, Be Embodied, Toyshoppe Systems, ReAllocate, DropLabs, Wisdom2.0, TheHUB, Singularity University, C3, Millennium Project, TEDx, IDEATE, GATE, The Sugar Shack Arts Community, Create:Fixate, #OCTRIBE, SOLIDS, Black Rock City & the Burning Man Project, USC Network Culture Project at Annenberg School of Communication, The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Otis School of Design, Omidyar Network,, TechSoup Global, Better World Island, Nonprofit Commons, Camp Darfur, Global PeaceTiles Project, Life Home Project, Siam Care Foundation, Creative Commons, US Holocaust Museum and Memorial, and Thrivability, Space Tourism Society, Madre Grande, MidCity Neighborhood Council, The Do Lab, WorldChanging, City of Los Angeles and many more creative organizations.


Changing the World by Working in a Virtual One Guarding Darfur Camp Darfur Artist Avatars SL Politics and Activism Virtual Suburbia SL Universe

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