Together we answer big questions:

How do we connect, create, learn to collaborate and build community?

Where can we participate in the story, system design and social impact?
What I do with you: Facilitate, create, advise, consult, book, schedule, strategy, grow, play, innovate, impact, speak, host, write, produce, marry, story, community, society, love, design, contact, learn, collaborate

I serve individuals, social enterprises and orgs as a consultant and advisor.
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2 thoughts on “Evo.to/

  1. Hi,

    I really love how your blog unites people to foster more love and compassion in the world.

    I work for a nonprofit organization called Philanthropedia, which hopes to encourage this in a different method. We help donors identify strong nonprofits in a social issue area and help them give to support an entire social cause.

    I hope you can visit our website and give us any comments or feedback!

    Warm Regards,

    Dawn Kwan
    Manager of Nonprofit Profiles & Social Cause Expansion
    650 868 0525

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