Dance to Freedom

My heart is soaring, excited for the coming winter together with you! I am almost ready to receive you in the circle and dance all night in your honor.

For the last few months I have been creating this gift for you this holiday season. Join me for Dance to Freedom on 12/22 all night, all family time for all ages. The music lineup continues to grow along with amazing makers, healthy food, hot tub and fire, a palatial $50 million dollar estate is ours for the night and we invite you to join us as we celebrate the launch of our new company, Be Embodied and the sacred arts collections we are creating and curating to share with you.

We love and appreciate all you are bringing and encourage participation – tell us how you’d like to celebrate together this holiday! My mind has been deep in ceremony, interfaith weaving of traditions and cultures so that we are all represented in the circle, eyes facing one another and able to meet one another as our best selves. I desire this for all of us, to be whole together and deeply connected to self, others, purpose and the whole we share.

So join us on December 22nd for Dance to Freedom – you can pick up passes now for 50% off by using “evolove” as your code before 12/17. Enjoy this gift from me to you!


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