Digital Storytelling FTW

TechSoup Digital Storytelling Challenge
January 13 – January 31, 2011

This year, TechSoup is kicking off 2011 with our 2nd Annual Digital Storytelling Challenge (TSDigs).

(Already heard about it? Head straight to the event page – or join the Google Group for updates

Organizations will create a 60 second video or photo submission, showcasing their mission and work. No production or storytelling experience necessary. TechSoup will provide free webinars on tools and strategies as well as how to create your digital story, featuring leading nonprofit, media, and communications experts. Resources and conversations will be also be shared using the #TSDigs tag across social media channels, such as, Twitter, Flickr, and YouTube.

Prizes include products from Flip Video, Adobe, Flickr, Publishers with A Purpose, and more! Winners will be decided and announced early February, and a celebratory “mixed reality” event hosted February 23, 2011 at TechSoup Global’s headquarters in San Francisco and at a drive-in movie theater in the virtual world of Second Life on the Aloft Nonprofit Commons sim.

The first webinar begins next week, register now!

Webinar 1: How to Tell Your Digital Story
Thursday, January 13
11am – 12pm PST

Does your organization have a story to share? Are you working with communities of people which could benefit from having their voices heard? Attend this free webinar and learn the elements of creating a compelling story.

Michael Margolis from GetStoried and Rob Kershaw Center for Digital Storytelling will provide information to help you understand how they tell their digital stories effectively and how stories can make an impact.

We will go through the basics of:

  • What makes a compelling story
  • What elements bring a story to life
  • Developing a finished story

Presenters will share how they produce fun, informative, authentic visual content to spread the word about their programs, cultivate donors, and activate their community.

Join the Google Group:

Twitter: #tsdigs

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