Gluten Free Gratitude

Over the last few months I have logged a handful of new gluten free recipes including a few chronicled via Flickr. This week the chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chip cookies and the gluten free Thanksgiving turkey stuffing were the hits, with a few lessons learned.

I am always attempting to find a better mix of flours for various baking dishes. This time for the cookies I added coconut flour, which ruined the texture of the cookies and make them more crumbly than I care for. Potato flour works well in many baked dishes along with some mix of rice, tapioca, xantham, baking powder and egg along with the healthiest oil choice you can muster. I’m working with a lot of flax, chia and raw cacao nibs to start the chocolate cookie base with enough protein and iron to make cookie eating worthwhile. Adding dark chocolate only allows these cookies to stay lower in sugar and fat and I prefer the batch where an added layer of sea salt was added topping each cookie. The mix of salt and chocolate also figures prominently in the chocolate nut cake I’ll attempt again this week as a mixed nut/brownie form that tastes like a candy bar and also features enough protein and iron to make it a healthy treat, but has almost no sugar.

The gluten free stuffing made last night with a full turkey roasted with apple and rosemary was fantastic. Two tapioca hot dog rolls & less than half a batch of homemade cornbread made the starter along with veggie broth, green onions, garlic, mushroom….we skipped the celery and most any stuffing recipe can be adapted to use a mix of gluten free cornbread leftovers and old gluten free bread. I cooked up the breading the night before and stuffed the bird with it cooking for 4 hours, then roasting in its own dish for another 20 minutes on low to get more crunch and fluff outside the bird. The turkey was also stuffed with an apple in eights which gives this recipe the perfect compliment, along with lots of rosemary and some thyme and sea salt. I used tumeric, apple cider, cumin and paprika on the turkey outer skin bastings and the apple flavor really popped through the turkey and gravy while the tumeric color makes the turkey breast really beautiful without butter! There was no dairy used at all, safe for kosher and lactose-intolerant guests.

Sorry that I have so few photos but we ate the stuffing very quickly! I will make it again at the end of this week but for now you can have a chocolate chocolate chocolate chocolate chip cookie. We’ve been feasting all week and I’m so grateful that we have these holiday times together with friends, family and loved ones all over the world sharing blog posts, photos and gratitude.

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