Projects I’m excited to grow in 2009

While this is a personal list of food on my burners, I’m reposting to Amoration for focus throughout our volunteer base and future endeavors. Ideas, feedback, connections always welcome, I love it when you suggest friends, movies, resources to help us grow these projects.  We are especially looking for talented singers, musicians, builders and other lightning rods to join the temple touring team for 2009, we meet again on January 8th.

1)  Lightning Temple Tour, Events, Writing, Education and Resourcing the Best Possible Futures….our interactive work is broad and wonderful and we’re turning up the juice on the tesla coils to try new performance stunts never seen before live.  We will change the way millions play with energy in their daily lives through a global green core of altenergy leadership.

2)  Transitions: Place for Dreams is an extraordinary collaboration of education and digital resource leaders from many nonprofits who are designing new tools to help transitional populations build new homes, businesses and lives through social media…currently looking for programmers familiar with open API development for search tools and widgets.

3)  Sugar Shack Arts: After 8 years of growing intentional community in Los Angeles we are hitting our stride and welcoming amazing new people into our home for 2009 creative pursuits such as the Lightning Temple design meetings

4)  Social Action Media:  Causecast, Social Actions,, Nurture, SocialVibe, Causes on Facebook…time to integrate action everywhere.

5)  TekFarms:  Solar and Alternative Energy and Agriculture model farming, connecting small communities for best practices, a larger database that has the potential to inform a larger EcoData endeavor.

6)  ManorMeta Mysteries: Red Lightning   The stories and comix behind the Lightning, problem solving series for young audiences to tour with the Lightning Temple.

7)  Nonprofit Commons:  I joined this community as TechSoup back in 2006 and look forward to envisioning 3D nonprofit web landscapes with many organizations within the commons in 2009.  We’re currently finishing the build of a new EcoCommons for 20+ green and earth-friendly organizations to collaborate and grow new works.

8)  SMS & Color-based Emergency Awareness Systems: moving toward a mobile and easily scalable way to communicate in many languages about pending disasters such as tornadoes, fires and other fast-moving situations where quick text messages and mobile applications can save lives.

9)  Expanding knowledge of herbal plant, root, seed medicines: intention is to work on healing natural teas, oils, foods that can eradicate tumors and unwelcome growths in the human body.

10)  LoveNet:  The inner structure that allows the farms and intentional community network to grow, a cross-disciplinary group of leaders who understand love to be their first mission in every work.

Peter Sistrom’s Illustration of the Lightning Temple, 2008

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