Wisdom and silences broken

Sent to me by a spiritual sister, Krupa:

“Where the words of women are crying to be heard, we must each of us recognize our responsibilities to seek those words out, to read them and share them and examine them… there are so many silences to be broken…”-Audre Lorde

This image I created a few years back when we first discussed the Beijing Olympics and human rights around the world.  It still rings true now.  I ask you, in your comments, to please help us break new silences, not people.

One thought on “Wisdom and silences broken

  1. break the records, forget the people
    look into the eyes of those that come in pass

    sing away the best not ever
    wait and watch and wonder never

    world we walk and wise we drop
    cop a shake of head if that be not ahead

    simmer smile so the heshe wont be out of bounds
    record not record, not even the people

    wish you way and sing your day
    kiss the people as they give up time
    for each of us is one such
    whistling walking waking record

    time behind not even a dime would need a name
    for fame is game name be blame
    and how den will we know what same is same?

    records are for winners of good direction
    one we all find fortune
    cause its way way past that time
    we’ve got that big ol easy super mind

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