Alternative Energy Options

The Pickens Plan: a fascinating video on how to get off of foreign oil, from a billionaire oilman.

Pickens calls for 20% of our power to come from wind in the US, primarily large wind farms in the midwest. He says that this move alone, along with natural gas cars would reduce imports by 38%; saving $300 billion dollars a year in imports by switching to CNG cars and using more wind for our power generation needs.

Add solar into the mix and we’ve got a recipe for microgeneration at the local community level that may not only sustain our homes and local areas, but also become a source of profit and sustenance as these communities learn to sell back this power to neighbors who cannot generate for themselves.

I find this short video from Pickens compelling for a number of reasons, yet we can do so much more. There’s DIY Solar plans all over the web and easy ways to rethink your transportation use by the BTU. In a few years we will know exactly how much every light in our house costs us in energy use so that we can begin to measure our wastefulness.

Or we can start now by living simpler, using external power sources only when needed, maybe even walking or biking more often. It’s a nice day out, a good day to start.

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