Challenged myself last night….and wow, the leftovers!

Menu Tuesday 7.8.8

Fresh Baked Breads:
Quinoa with Tumeric
Smoked Flax Crackers
Multigrain Baguette
Royal Thai Rice Crackers

Artichoke compote
Sundried Tomato Bruschetta
Hummus with Pine Nuts
Aged Balsamic and Olive Oil
Hazelnut spread with chocolate

Fresh cheeses:
Goat brie, traditional brie
Smoked goat jack cheddar
Aged parmesan
Goat cheese spreads
Apples, grapes, plums

Main courses:
Bean and green salad
Red wonderful French Onion Soup (beets, carrots, rosemary), baked with crostini and cheese
Sauteed green beans, artichokes and garlic
Fresh vegetable pasta (quinoa/corn or semolina) with Vodka Sauce
Grilled portabellas and peppers
Potatoes au gratin
Quinoa with broccoli
Vegetable Pie

Chocolate Matcha Teacakes
Green Tea Matcha Cakes with Pistachios

Blended Irish crème
Pomegranate Soda
Hibiscus blueberry acai herbal tea
Jasmine green tea with lemon
White Wine: Pinot Evil (with the three monkeys on the label, gorgeous Pinot Grigio)

2 thoughts on “Challenged myself last night….and wow, the leftovers!

  1. My goodness! Next time you are cooking may I please come to the party? I will bring the wine and lots of coffee table chat!

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