Changing the way we define ourselves

I’ve always been attracted to the Lazarus Longs of the world, the wise old men who have already lived a few lifetimes and are ready for a few more. My work a few years back with the Acceleration Studies Foundation and Metaverse Roadmap architects led me to research rejuvenation of the self and clearing away the junk that destroys us.

A friend at sent me to check out SENS today, Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence. What I found most interesting about Aubrey Grey and the Methuselah Foundation work is the common threads popping up amongst many health researchers. A few elements are proven beneficial to human health:

1) Enzymes: possibly can reinvigorate degraded cells in the body
2) Fungi: able to cleanse and promote rapid healing in humans
3) Probiotics: reverse unhealthy bacterial growth due to poor western diets
4) Sea vegetables and minerals: many times more potent than land greens

These basic foods along with shelter, clean water and air allow us to live quite simple and efficient lives.

Currently our access to all four of these natural resources may be limited by current codes on the boards at the WTO and FDA (check your local government codes and lawbooks to find out how regulators are acting in your part of the world). The Codex Alimentarius standards are working to place greater restrictions on all food, requiring irradiation of all meat and dairy and stripping most regions from organic farming by including more chemicals in our water and farms.

Can you grow your own seaweed, mushrooms or healthy flora? In our lifetime we may see the end of individual farming for health and sustenance. There are many industry leaders who want to carefully control all intake and consumption and limit what you can provide for yourself, restricting seeds, soil and water access along with the food supply.

The pharmaceutical industry is not in the business of saving us forever….they are in the business of selling you more chemicals that may improve your life. Some of what they’re selling is direct from plants and trees that are endangered in the wild. While we lose thousands of years of herbal and tribal wisdom from indigenous leaders a new biomech system is emerging that replaces internal sources of iron, magnesium and potassium with external gadgets of silicon and coltan.

Our cell phones may be fueling a genocide as we speak. The war for resources has been on for decades, the gold changes but the end result does not change.

If we end aging, death will always be at the hands of ourselves or something bigger than us. We can end painful diseases and possibly live for many more generations to come, but our consciousness is not yet capable of immortality. We are still bound to death, except for those rare few ascensions….some things we will never know or understand.

4 thoughts on “Changing the way we define ourselves

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