busting out all over

Inspired graphing breakout!

www.aplacefordreams.com continues to build toward our pilot project with the Transitions project in the Phoenix, AZ area.

Help us find programmers and curriculum development support as we grow a groundbreaking new set of tools for anyone in transition.

Right now we need support in:
* Finding new and donated computers, software, peripherals
* Programmers willing to work with Google and OpenSocial tools
* CSS and web development specialist volunteer
* Students and faculty at ASU to build interest in this program
* Grantwriting and editing our upcoming applications
* Curriculum development for enterprise, virtual worlds, communications
* Pilot program ideas including innovative uses of XO/OLPC, green wifi at community level, donations of cell phones and digital media tools for those building new businesses out of transition


  • Anyone can find emergency food, shelter and medical services in their local area with one click.
  • Creative and talented entrepreneurs can find support to train and start new businesses.
  • Service learning opportunities between college students, social media leaders and those transitioning
  • Removing the stigma of homelessness by providing remote work opportunities available from any location

Want to help?
Email me, leave a comment here, join us for Friday morning 10AM PST meetings in Second Life, join the APlaceforDreams group on google for planning/design updates. Thanks!

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