We chose the burning path

I love a book on my shelf, “Entering the Castle: An Inner Path to God and Your
Soul” by Caroline Myss. It sits there with a burn in it, gentle little
brown char on the hardback and paper cover from the incense I stuck
there in absent shifting. It reminds me how my path has been through
fire, holding the fire elementals as they walk and dance with the
alchemical journey.

I am not fire, I hold fire. Perhaps metal/ether is the fifth
element, or perhaps it’s pearly gates or Milla Jovovich. I will not sit
here at my desk and tell you what’s beyond this page. That’s for you to
find, and my role is the holding, the offering of space and room to
breathe and find perspective.

In my previous ministerial training we talked often of “calling”,
of the mission we knew that we were set out to do in this lifetime.
From a very young age…4 is when I remember it distinctly, my vision
has been filled with love, clarity and a unique understanding of the
inner workings of things. This is not mechanical knowledge and my
fathers’ deires for a physicist daughter were dashed when I chose a
theology degree. He did not understand my desire to reimagine
COMMUNITY, understanding where our churches and institutions could not
bridge the gaps to our deepest desires.

Any doctrine that ignores or condemns primal instincts will always live in conflict.

This is fundamental to understanding why we have wars today.
Supremacy, control, power plays all emerge from one fundamental belief:
that we will be powerful if we connect and take that power from others.
It’s the subtle message in most major religions, the fuel for
fundamentalism of all types. We have raped ourselves for generations.

It is our path to heal that cycle, to see the flow of all things
with love. We return focus to upward spirals that can hold a foundation
for our world, the circles we touch and support with our efforts.
Together we are doing this now, and this collaboration will grow
exponentially as Disney’s vision of a *small world* gets blown out of
the boat. It is time for revision.

Through this journey I chose the burning path, as alchemy is the
study of the one fire that unites all things. There has always been a
common wisdom tradition and we tap into it every time we step with
intention onto the stage, onto the dance floor of our lives. We choose
to hold this together, this fire of change, understanding that we share
some great duty to the Kali and Oya. We are witnesses and bearers of
transformation, it will be the legacy of our time together.

Step strong, know yourself first. Step through and beyond your
wildest dreams. Let yourself go to the next level today, right this
minute. A new spring has come, a pivotal year in a time of tremendous
change. You are the leaders, the ones we have waited for.

Thanks to Bryant McGill for the art.

2 thoughts on “We chose the burning path

  1. “In my previous ministerial training we talked often of “calling”, of the mission we knew that we were set out to do in this lifetime.”

    I’ve been thinking about those days a bit lately when we used to study together for those brutal theology exams. I used to think that my life got seriously off track after that. A lot of my spiritual side has seemed buried lately but this spring, it has resurfaced, and I find that part of me has grown and changed along with the rest of me, even if I wasn’t paying attention.

    I still feel that “calling” that once upon a time seemed so pure and simple, but I think my path to it is going to be long with many turns along the way.

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