When love takes over

NetSquared Mashup Challenge voting ends Monday 3/24. Share your support for key nonprofit mashup projects!
Our TRANSITIONS team is going strong and has a great Tumblr sharing resources for the displaced mashup challenge worldwide.
Together we can help get programmers and resources together to build tools that will help thousands find support for new lives.

We are the bridgebuilders.
Here’s who I voted for at Netsquared!

  • Read Play Help
  • My Green Map: Sharing your Sustainable Worldview
  • Change Broadcasting Channels
  • Rosetta Project – Minority Languages in Google Earth
  • Mapping, Trending & Linking Global Health & Environmental Data
  • Transitions
  • CorpWatch – Government Data on Corporations
  • SexINFO
  • A Mashup of 29+ Social Action Platforms — Social Actions
  • Volunteer Now! – by mobile phone

Show your support for these amazing endeavors by voting and helping our teams get vital funding, scripting support and technology assistance!

Thanks a ton, from the many of us who have been ~In Transition~
Evonne @ Amoration

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