Defining Love

Over the next few months we will archive years of writing on love, connection and bondedness here at the Amoration wordpress. Together we explore the words and you are welcome to add to this blog by writing to Evonne @ Amoration and asking for a password to join the Amoration writers.

Many people ask Why Amoration?

The English language is terribly stiff and lacking when it comes to terms and words to express love in the many forms we understand. This limited view of love causes social issues to worsen and communication gaps to widen as people around the world learn to share important pieces of their lives with one another. No longer is the American world just made across the globe….we are created by all that we consume, imported from around the world and encapsulated in this blog, one voice among many.

So let’s look at Spanish instead. From

How many ways can you say “love” in Spanish? Here are some of the most important ways, but there are others. In the lists of “love” as a noun or verb you will find alternative translations in parentheses following the Spanish word. In the list of phrases, the parentheses indicate the English phrases that include “love.”

“Love” as a noun

  • afición (enthusiasm): Tiene afición por las cosas de su tierra. She has a love for the things of her land.
  • amado (sweetheart)
  • amante (sweetheart)
  • amistad (friendship)
  • amor (pure love, romantic love)
  • caridad (charity): Si yo hablase lenguas humanas y angélicas, y no tengo caridad ….If I speak in tongues of humans and angels, and have not love ….
  • cariño/a (sweetheart):
  • cero (score in tennis): Cero a cero. Love all.
  • pasión (passion, not necessarily romantic): Tiene una pasión por vivir, una pasión por saber. He has a love of living, a love of knowledge.
  • querido (sweetheart)
  • recuerdos (regards): Mándale recuerdos míos. Send him my love.

“Love” as a verb

  • amar (to love, to love romantically): Te amo. I love you.
  • encantar (indicating strong like): Me encanto escribir. I love to write.
  • gustar mucho (indicating strong like): Me gusta mucho este sofá. I love this sofa.
  • querer (to love romantically, to want): Te quiero. I love you.

Phrases using “love”

  • amarío (love affair)
  • amor a primera vista (love at first sight)
  • amor mío (my love)
  • aventura amorosa (love affair)
  • canción de amor (love song)
  • carta amatoria (love letter)
  • carta de amor (love letter)
  • enamorarse (to fall in love with): Me enamoré de una bruja. I fell in love with a witch.
  • estar enamorado (to be in love): Estoy enamorada de él. I am in love with him.
  • flechazo (love at first sight): Fue flechazo. It was love a first sight.
  • love story (historia de amor)
  • love token (prenda de amor)
  • hacer el amor (to make love)
  • lance de amor (love affair)
  • me quiere, no me quiere (she loves me, she loves me not)
  • mi amor (my love)
  • no se llevan bien (there is no love lost between them)
  • no se tienen ningún aprecio (there is no love lost between them)
  • periquito (love bird or parakeet)
  • por el amor de (for the love of): Por el amor de una rosa, el jardinero es servidor de mil espinas. For the love of a rose, the gardener is the servant of a thousand thorns.
  • por nada del mundo (not for love nor money)
  • por pura afición (for the pure love of it, just for the love of it): Toca el piano por pura afición. She plays the piano just for the love of it.
  • relaciones sexuales (love making)
  • vida sexual (love live)

2 thoughts on “Defining Love

  1. Hello,
    Thanks for that great post.
    I am a very romantic person. So after i read this post, this great post, i decided to share a list of words related to love from the romanian language.
    They are:
    “Love” as noun
    – Dragoste (love)
    – Iubire (to love)
    – Amor (in love someone romantically)
    – Indragostiti (two people that are in love one with eachother )
    – Scump (priceless)

    “Love” as a verb

    – a iubi (to love)
    – a te indragosti (to fall in love with someone)
    – a te topi (to be in love so much with someone that you are thinking only to that person)

    Phrases using “love”
    – TE IUBESC! (i love you)
    – TE ADOR ! (i adore you)
    – TE VREU ! (i want you)
    – M-am indragostit (i felt in love with you)
    – Sa facem dragoste (to make love)

    If you like this, i can do more posting about love.
    only send me an email to asking that.
    Best regards,
    Mihai from Romania,

    P.S. Do not ever forget to LOVE

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