AMO Great Strides

Anyone can dance! The next major AMO event is happening this Sunday December 16th from 11-2PM at AMO Island in Second Life, a dance party to benefit Great Strides with DJ Nexeus Fatale. Bring out your horses and help us raise money for equine therapy. Every boogie counts.

The ONE LAPTOP PER CHILD GIVE XO CHALLENGE ends soon. Do you have someone with small hands who would love the XO laptop’s ease and portability? Give one get one, a great opportunity to share goodwill.

At AMO we’ve seen the potential for empowering young talent to do more with their digital skills. In the last two years our interns have gone on to great work with professional companies and nonprofit organizations…all for scripting or designing items in Second Life! Those who still wonder about the power of the virtual world for education should visit Holy Meatballs, New Media Consortium and the SLEDucators who are teaching and taking on exciting new research endeavors in the wild petri dish of the metaverse.

We have mainland for sale along with office/research area plots both land and sky on AMO. Talk to me directly if you are looking for space in the coming weeks. Short term and long term opportunities available.

AMO is all about experimentation. This month we collaborated with the Car Lovers to host The Ridebuilders Challenge on KULA last Friday. I get the privilege of announcing the winners for the sweetest rides in Second Life! Special thanks to the Car Lovers community for making this challenge possible and to Creative Commons for the use of the KULA Amphitheatre for this contest. Congratulations to all of our participants for great design work.

We awarded over L$50,000 to the following artists for their extraordinary work

RamessesIII PharoahF1 Color Changing Sculpted Ahkenatan Grommet1938 X-07 Natascha RivesNATAMO Abacus MimistrobellAMPro GT 500 Ray Monnett427 Stingray

Audience Award Winners (L$1000 bonus award)

Darren Oyen, dtht8er AaybeScion XB, Green Natascha Rives NATAMO

To make a gift for AMO visit our giving circle page at Amoration/International Humanities Center. Your donations support our virtual internship programs along with providing the AMO Island space for groups to develop new works in the metaverse. Thank you for supporting new media bridgebuilding experiments!

Bridgebuilding and Rebuilding
For the last few weeks we have been coordinating with friends at Madre Grande, a monastery and retreat farm near San Diego and the Mexican border town of Tecate. During the Harris fire around Halloween they lost most of their residences, archives and gathering spaces; seven monks are now living in one building together as they work out a long term rebuilding plan in the midst of codes, permits and inspections, cleanup and fire debris removal. One of the monks was an interactive designer for the Cartoon Network, another a financial officer in London; this bright young ecumenical group of leaders has appreciated the support of the AMO community along with your gifts dedicated to this rebuilding effort. We were glad to go to Madre Grande with Burners without Borders last week and we will blog in more detail with photos soon. Thanks to Marta Collier, Brent Heyning and Rob Darman for their wizardry with pipes and electrical tech!

The leaders in AMO never cease to amaze me. Thank you all for getting out there and doing what you love to do most. Come visit us soon in meatspace, metaspace or any space!

In Kenzo

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