Beauty…we can say yes at any moment

Think of the most beautiful person you have ever seen. Think of the exact moment you looked into his or her eyes, and for a fleeting second you were paralyzed: you couldn’t take your eyes off that vision. You stared, frozen in time, caught in that beauty. Now imagine that identical beauty radiating from every single thing in the entire universe: every rock, every plant, every animal, every cloud, every person, every object, every mountain, every stream–even the garbage dumps and broken dreams–every single one of them, radiating that beauty. You are quietly frozen by the gentle beauty of everything that arises around you. You are released from grasping, released from time, released from avoidance, released altogether into the eye of spirit, where you contemplate the unending beauty of the Art that is the entire world. ~Ken Wilber

The one thing we have is this eternal moment of saying “yes”, the crucial second spent standing on the edge of the cliff, ready to jump into emptiness. Jump. Instincts battle within, fear mounts an uprising and wants desperately to retreat to warm womblike spaces. Beyond the fear resolve stands firm, the strength of spirit yearning to be one with its source. Jump.

The self fears because IT senses that IT is separate from the emptiness. IT cannot see that it has always been dancing with the particles and waves. Air, water, fire, energy in infinite configurations, inextricably woven to create life within life. There is no need to fear release, for IT has always been a participant.

We stand on the brink of flight yet we are always flying. Resolve holds the ground while beauty and awe flood in, allowing for both freedom and coherence. The air becomes a soft pillow of comfort beneath wings of granite, infinitely releasing sparks of electricity into the radiant orgasmic kosmos.

Wilber continues:
…That all-pervading beauty is in truth the very nature of the Kosmos right now. It is not something you have to imagine, because it is the actual structure of perception in all domains. If you remain in the eye of the spirit, every object is an object of radiant beauty. If the doors of perception are cleansed, the entire Kosmos is your lost and found Beloved, the Original Face of primordial Beauty, forever, and ever and endlessly forever. And in the face of that stunning Beauty, you will completely swoon into your own death, never to be seen or heard from again, except on those tender nights when the wind gently blows through the hills and the mountains, quietly calling your name.

Beloved Beauty will jump and dance and sing with us if we’re willing to play. All we have to do is open our eyes, our pores, our seeds of radiance.

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